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Retired MarahLago Larimar Designs?

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We're often asked what we mean when we say a piece is retired so, I thought we'd take this opportunity to explain. 

During the year, MarahLago decides to discontinue production of certain designs or even just certain pieces from a design line.   Because of the scarcity of Larimar, they can only produce so many designs at one time.  So, to make room for the new (which we love!), they have to retire the old. 

So, when we describe an item as retired, that means that MarahLago has notified us that they have stopped making it and when we sell out, we can't order any more.  In other words, once they're gone, they're gone!  When we get word that an item is going to be retired, we try to "stock up" but, once our stock is gone, that piece will no longer be available.

And, that's especially sad when it's one of our very favorite pieces - like the Justica bangle.  We just love that bracelet; it combines sterling silver with an accent of 18k gold and the Larimar stones we have in the remaining pieces are fabulous!  I am so sorry to see it go but, take comfort in knowing that a new, fabulous design is right around the corner.

So, the moral of all of this?  If you see a design that you love, a design that you have been planning on buying, once you see it's retired, it's best to buy it when you see it.  If you wait, it may be gone forever!  And, I can speak from experience, that is NO FUN!