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What are Larimar Free Form Pendants?

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Many of you have asked about our free form pendants, so we thought we'd take this opportunity to talk a little bit about them.

MarahLago free form pendants are some of my all time favorites! 

With other MarahLago collections, the Larimar stones are cut to fit the design.  For example, Larimar is cut into a cushion shape to fit into the DelMar design pendant, a teardrop for the ML Logo ring, etc. 

With free forms, the artist looks at the Larimar slab, selects the best parts of the slab and cuts those parts - regardless of the size or shape - to become "free form" pendants.  This allows the artist to maximize the very best parts of the Larimar slab.

That's why these pieces can have some of the most amazing color and/or patterning - Larimar at it's very best - each pendant, a one-of-a-kind, unique and stunning wonder of nature!

And, just between you and me, it's the best way to get a larger piece of Larimar!  As Larimar gets harder and harder to mine, the larger pieces become even more rare - making the free form pendants all the more special!  And, because Larimar free form pendants are priced by weight, they are the best bargain around!

We have a final private reserve of these special pieces and we have just started offering them again.  Because each pendant is so special, the photos in the listings are of the exact pendant that you will receive.

Please note, we have a limited quantity and because MarahLago has stopped making them, we can't get any more!

Enjoy looking!  I always do! 

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