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Care & Cleaning of Larimar


Thanks to Larimar's volcanic origins, it is a durable and hard stone that requires little specialized care.

The main thing to remember with your Larimar jewelry is:


Larimar should not be exposed to any chemicals, including hand soap, hair spray, perfumes and hand cream.  To keep your Larimar stones as beautiful as possible, they should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing that you take off in the evening.

Most MarahLago sterling silver settings are not plated and of course will naturally tarnish. Tarnish is a naturally occurring reaction between silver and sulfur in the air.  Fortunately, keeping your MarahLago sterling silver settings clean and tarnish-free is easy.  There are a few simple steps recommended by MarahLago to significantly reduce tarnishing:

• Clean jewelry after each use with a polishing cloth (or any type of soft cloth to avoid scraping the metal), in order to remove impurities, oils, dirt, etc.; You might want to store in an air-tight bag.

• To minimize contact with lotions, hair sprays, hair gels, etc., put your silver jewelry on last. This will minimize dullness and tarnishing, and help to keep your sterling silver shiny.  The easiest way to remember, “last on – first off.”

• Do not wear your jewelry while working with household chemicals. If you do come in contact with chemicals, wash your jewelry immediately with warm water and soap, and dry thoroughly. This will help to reduce any potential damage.

• Avoid swimming pools and hot tubs while wearing your jewelry, as chlorine can compromise the surface of the stone and potentially cause discoloration to the sterling silver setting.

• Commercial jewelry cleaners that are intended for silver and pearls can help to remove tarnish and keep the stone and silver clean, however caution should be used because some of these solutions are very strong and have been known to cause extensive damage to sterling silver.

• A jewelry polishing cloth is the best way to care for your sterling silver jewelry. A quick buff with the specially impregnated cloth removes tarnish in the early stages and helps to prevent a permanent patina from forming.

• Do not use ultrasonic cleaners and steam baths designed for jewelry. They are not safe for use on Larimar and may damage the stone.


Although your MarahLago® jewelry is well-made, care should be taken.  Your jewelry pieces need a little attention now and again. Being mindful of its condition will help keep it looking like new.

•Cuff sizes or shapes should not be tampered with. Avoid bending to open or reduce them. This can distort the silver and damage the bezel setting of the stone.

• Clasped bangles also require special care. If the silver becomes bent or distorted in any way, the clasp will not align correctly. Bangles may shift position throughout the day, but it is important to wear the push button that opens the clasp on the inside of the wrist, this will help prevent the clasp from accidental opening.