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AAA Carved Larimar Heart Palm/Meditation/Healing Stone, Medium (#163)

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Product Description

Another piece that absolutely belongs in a museum of larimar. This carved Larimar heart is a stunning specimen - the color, the pattern - glorious!

Two-sided. Each side - spectacular! Each side - a work of art! I wish everyone could see these carved hearts in person - then they would certainly understand how truly special Larimar is - no words!

The chatoyance, the light volcanic true blue juxtaposed with the ethereal white accents, duplicating a beautiful blue sky with fluffy, white clouds.  And then the other side, a blue/green turtleback design creating an aerial view of the Caribbean sea - all in a stone!  Magical! 

Whether you use it as a palm stone or a piece of decor to elevate and inspire you - this heart will not disappoint!

It's beautifully carved and polished and if given as a gift, will definitely carve a place in someone's heart just for you! 

Width - 1 3/8"
Weight ~ 16 grams

The carved heart pictured in the photo is the exact one you will receive.  One of the photos shows it on a grid the size of a standard 3x3 Post-it note relative to the piece itself.

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