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Carved Larimar Heart Necklace (MS128)

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Product Description

Not to repeat myself, but I loved these carved heart pendants as soon as I saw them!  So, of course, I picked out my favorites and this is definitely one of them!

It happens to have my favorite shade of Larimar - that baby blue shade found in only one stone - Larimar!  The white accents create the impression of clouds in a sky which I just love and they form an unusual variation on the turtleback pattern! 

This carved heart pendant is definitely for Larimar purists, like us.  This is all about the stone - it has absolutely no metal of any kind - it is all stone with a hole through the stone to accommodate the blue cord that it is included.  This is one special piece!  For those of you that like the stone to actually touch your skin when you wear it - this is for you!

The pendant pictured in the photo is the exact pendant you will receive.  One of the photos shows it in a box the size of a standard 3x3 Post-it note relative to the necklace itself.

Also included is the light blue cord that you see pictured.  It is 18" long, has a lobster-claw clasp with a small jump ring that's fits perfectly through the pendant.

Please note: this piece is not made by MarahLago.

Pendant: 1 1/2" tall X 1" wide
Included cord: 18" long